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Data Capture, data cleaning and verification, data analysis and spanish transcriptions

Data capture
Organisations that collect data do so for a reason, i.e. to inform decisions and actions. However, data that is not meticulously captured (and cleaned after capture to eliminate errors and inconsistencies), will result in decisions or actions that are not optimal. Hence, data capture – a process often mistaken as being low-level and routine-based – represents a crucial stage in research or decision-making processes and needs to be professionally managed. DATINAR will arrange for your data to be captured by a team of personally selected capturers and will oversee the data capture process. Data capture mainly occurs in MS Access (via an input form that will be created to resemble your original questionnaire or schedule) and in MS Excel. MS Access is a professional database tool and its output is transferable to most software packages. Our data capture services are not confined to the research environment but are also available to clients in industry and in other sectors. All data capturers are contractually bound to confidentiality (download confidentiality agreement).

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Data cleaning and verification
Data that has been captured is not necessarily ready for use. It is essential that data is cleaned to detect possible errors or illogical data. If your data was captured by someone else and the process may have been incorrectly or inconsistently carried out, DATINAR will also assist in the cleaning by means of consistency checks. We will interrogate your data, perform random checks and advise on an appropriate strategy to restore the reliability of your data.

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Other data related services
DATINAR also takes the hassle out of data analysis. We can analyse your captured data (based on a list of predefined research or evaluation questions generated by the client) and provide you with the desired output, neatly summarised in MSWord (tables and graphs with explanatory text where required) and/or in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. DATINAR also assists with the development of questionnaires and other data collection instruments.

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Spanish transcriptions
DATINAR provides transcripts (in MS Word) of audio recordings of Spanish conversations, e.g. interviews, focus groups, conferences and all other interactions. This service is provided by a native Spanish speaker, which guarantees high quality and accuracy. We are equipped to transcribe a variety of digital formats, such as WAV, MP3, MPEG and MOV, and analogue formats such as audio cassettes, VHS video, CD/DVD and more.

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Data Capture

Data Cleaning and Verification

Other Data Related Services

Spanish Transcriptions

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