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Microsoft Excel for Researchers and Evaluators

Microsoft Word for Researchers and Evaluators


Microsoft Excel for researchers and evaluators
Do you struggle to produce relevant data tables and graphs in Microsoft Excel and wish you have someone to show you the ropes? DATINAR offers specialised group training in the use of Microsoft Excel as a tool for applied social research. A series of high quality workshops will be presented in this regard.

The first workshop, Microsoft Excel for Researchers and Evaluators – Foundational Module, is structured around seven core skills that will take the hassle out of any data analysis, namely:

  1. How to make sense of variables and their level of measurement
  2. How to capture and import data in Excel
  3. How to clean the captured or imported data in Excel
  4. How to manipulate data in Excel, specifically coding, recoding and calculation
  5. How to query data in Excel
  6. How to perform basic descriptive data analysis in Excel by using the pivot function (i.e. producing frequency tables, cross-tabulations and comparisons of means)
  7. How to create informative and sensible graphs in Excel

This breakthrough workshop is targeted at all professionals in both the public and private sectors who experience a need for the effective use of Microsoft Excel for research-related tasks, including monitoring and evaluation (M&E). The training covers two full days and workshop participants will receive a DATINAR training manual that demonstrates the seven core skills mentioned above. Certificates of attendance will be issued after completion.

DATINAR will present two scheduled training workshops in the foundational Excel module in 2011, respectively in Cape Town (in October) and in Johannesburg (in November). Anyone interested in attending the training should send an email to info@datinar.com for cost and more details. More workshops in the foundational Excel module will be presented in 2012 in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria. If you have a need for group training in any other city in South Africa or in any SADC country please contact us.

COMING SOON! As of February 2012 a second training workshop, Microsoft Excel for Researchers and Evaluators – Statistical Module, will be presented in the major cities of South Africa. Completion of the foundational module is a pre-requisite for attending the statistical module, which also covers two full days. More information concerning the statistical module will appear on the website in due course.

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Microsoft Word for researchers and evaluators
COMING SOON! Another exciting development is that DATINAR will present, also as of February 2012, a number of one-day training workshops in the use of Microsoft Word for data visualisation. The workshop, Microsoft Word for Researchers and Evaluators – Graphics Module, is based on best practice and will equip researchers and M&E practitioners with the necessary skills and confidence to produce graphs and tables that are clear, simple, relevant, informative and not misleading. More information about this workshop will follow in due course.

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